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Tile Roof Repair

Tile Roof Repair

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Your actual tile should last a lifetime in Phoenix… it’s just your underlayment that’s the real issue.

Many commercial and residential property owners expect their tile roof to last a lifetime and are caught off guard when a roofing contractor informs then they need a new roof. The concrete or clay tile usually can last a lifetime, but the underlayment won’t.

Key things to look for to see if your tile underlayment needs to be replaced.

  • Your roof is 18-years or older
  • You have lots of cracked tiles.
  • Rotting soffit wood decking at eves.
  • You currently have leaks in multiple areas.
  • You have existing visible damage to tiles.
  • You noticed multiple areas of slipping tiles.
  • Leaves and debris in valley areas.
For foam roof service, call or email Nick: 602-829-9484

Here’s a quick video on How to Inspect Your Own Tile Roof Underlayment

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Tile Roof Leak Repair

The underlayment beneath the tile roof keeps water from entering your home or business. Usually your tile roof has a one layer of 30# asphalt-based felt layer. This layer of felt expands and contracts and as it ages will start to deteriorate leading to leaks. With our extreme Arizona sun can you imagine how your roof can heat up in the middle of summer? Your clay or concrete tile usually sheds the majority of the water hitting your roof, but water does get below the tile and that’s when you could notice roof leaks. Also, a broken or slipped tile can lead to UV degradation of your underlayment causing it to deteriorate much faster!

Are you concerned about your tile roof or just not sure?

First of all, we offer a free digital roof inspection, showing you exactly what the condition of your tile roof is in… in LIVE TIME! We also offer Tile Roof maintenance, this includes replacing slipped or broken tiles, cleaning out valleys, removing loose debris from your tile roof, inspecting and resealing pipes and other penetrations.

When does my tile roof underlayment need to be replaced?

Of course, each tile roof is different. There are many factors it was causes tile roofs to leak or need to be replaced. Tile roofs between 10 and 15 years old in most cases can be repaired. If your concrete or tile roof is reaching 20 years or older, you should start budgeting to have your tile removed and stacked, new underlayment installed and your tile re-installed. Your underlayment is coming to the end of its life cycle.

May 20-year old roofs still can be repaired but it is more challenging. Many times an older Phoenix tile roof can be repaired only to have a new leak start in another area. We can provide different tile roof options, from repair, maintenance to re-roofing so you can make the best decision that meets your budget and need.

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