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7 Areas Most Flat Roofs Leak

7 Areas Most Flat Roofs Leak

Are you trying to be proactive? Here are the 7 most common places flat roofs leak. Find out where your flat roof is REALLY leaking before you replace it.

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Flat Roof Repair In The Phoenix Area

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Are you trying to be proactive? Here are the 7 most common places flat roofs leak.

Plumbing Vent Flashings: Over time plumbing vent jacks begin to separate and lift. As the roofing membrane deteriorates in our desert sun, the metal flashing base may start to lift and allow moisture to enter. The actual plumbing pipe may start to gap or separate from the metal jack creating an opening where moisture may enter the flat roofing structure, especially during our monsoon rains.

Scuppers or Drains: One of the most common areas of leaks on a Phoenix flat roof is the scuppers and drains. Scuppers are actual holes or opening in the walls with a manufactured metal “skin” that allows water to drain form the roof. As with in-roof drains the roofing membrane begins to deteriorate and separate allowing moisture penetration into the roofing assembly and eventually into the building. Clogged roof drains and scuppers cause a vast majority of roof leaks allowing water to back track.

HVAC units: These types of roof leaks can be stressful for a Phoenix building owner. Leaks can penetrate at the metal flashings and where the air conditioning duct work intersects the roof. Deteriorating roofing membranes may allow the flashing bases to lift and gap. On asphalt and gravel flat roofs these leak issues may be difficult to see or diagnosis.

Seams: Most Phoenix flat roofs (other than monolithic systems like SPF-sprayed polyurethane foam roofs) have seams and over time these seams can lift creating opportunity for moisture to enter. In areas where a roof holds water this can be especially dangerous allowing water to seep into the roofing layers and eventually into the building.

Other Roof Penetrations: Any other roof opening can, over time, also be the cause of a roof leak. Some examples are satellite or cable, exhaust fans and roof ventilators. All these items can crack, expand and contract thus allowing moisture to enter and cause damage.

Walls: This type of leak issue can be from several sources. It could be from a poorly constructed wall where a moisture barrier was not installed below the stucco. It can be a wall counter flashing that is either installed wrong, missing or damaged. Through-wall scuppers can also be a source of damaging leaks.

Sky Lights: Skylights are usually mounted on curbs. Many times the curb flashing are deteriorated or may have been improperly constructed in the first place. It can also be as simple as a crack skylight lens.

Phoenix Area Flat Roof Leak Repairs

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