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Tar & Gravel Roof Repair

Tar & Gravel Roof Repair

Tar & Gravel Roof Repair

Many commercial buildings in Phoenix have tar & gravel roofs.

Most roofers make “tar & gravel” roofs worse!

Most Phoenix roofers have no clue how to fix tar and gravel roofs. Many of them propose removal of the roof and installing a new one…. This is VERY expensive. Other roofers attempt to pour more asphalt hoping that will stop a leak, usually makes a mess of your roof and have poor results.

Most Phoenix “tar & travel” roofs are worth saving!

Although “tar and gravel” roofs are durable they are prone to leaks and problems. Usually, leaks occur around flashings, air condition units, vents and other penetrations.

Tar & Gravel Roofing Contractors

Tar & Gravel Built Up Roofs

What is a “Tar & Gravel roof? TRM Roofing are commercial roofing specialists and suggest you contact several Phoenix roofing contractors prior to speaking with us. We will dispatch a Phoenix Certified Roof Inspector who will thoroughly inspect your flat roof, provide you a photo survey with detail images of problem areas and key points to a healthy roof. We will provide you options for roof repair, roof restoration or even roof replacement. We can help you even if we are not part of your solution. ASK about our TRM Total Roof Management Maintenance and Repair Program.

WARNING: Most “tar and gravel” roofs are installed over insulation board fasten to a metal deck. When reroofing ALL components have to be replaced, requiring a very large budget or insurance settlement. Check with your contractor and make sure there are no change orders!

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Rated a top roofing company, TRM Roofing and their TRM Total Roof Management Maintenance and Repair Program can provide cost-effective solutions to any roofing requirement.

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