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Going Solar

Going Solar

Before you even THINK about going solar, there are a few things you need to know.

No matter how you heard about your solar company, door knockers, Google, or an advertisement there are only a few companies that physically install solar system systems. Most Phoenix solar companies are sales organizations or authorized dealers that put your solar programs together.  They have built relationships with the installation companies providing team approach to renewable energy.

How do I know if I should replace my roof before getting my new solar system?

If your tile or shingle roof is pushing 20-Years, its best to have it replaced prior to having solar installed. Many times, a solar representative won’t mention the possibility of a new roof because it may blow the sale. But who’s going to pay for that decision down the road. You guessed it, you’ll be paying to have the solar panels removed, reinstalled plus purchasing for a new roof.

Best to get both done at the same time.

For more information call 480-629-5244 If you’re considering getting a new roof, that’s the best time to consider getting solar! Generating renewable energy from the sun has never been easier!
  • Save up 30% on your new roof (See your Solar Representative for details)
  • Bundle your solar with your new roof for one easy payment.
  • Save thousands by reducing your electric bill and qualifying for tax incentives.

Ask your Solar Representative about Roof Leak Insurance!

If you are already working with a solar company, call TRM Roofing for a free roof inspection prior to having your solar system installed.

New Roof & Solar Installation
High Energy Bills? Go Solar

Get an online solar qoute using Google Earth satellites!

Save money on your Electric Bill

Whether you reduce or produce more energy, you are guaranteed to save money!

Gain Control Over Your Energy Usage.

The cheapest and cleanest energy is unused energy. Ask you solar representative about real-time data that will inform you where your energy usage is the highest how they can help you save even more money!