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Flat Roof Leaks At HVAC Units

Flat Roof Leaks At HVAC Units

Let’s go over a list of criteria and questions that you should ask of any roofing contractor before agreeing to work with them. We’ll go over some insider knowledge and the best things to ask

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Why flat roof leaks occur at air conditioning units in the Phoenix area.

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Roof top mounted AC units often leak!

These types of leaks can cause stress to the building owner as well as most Phoenix roofers. If you have a leak inside your building even when it’s not raining contact your local Phoenix plumber, most likely this is not a roof issue. But, when it rains and you notice leaks that’s when you need to call a qualified Phoenix roofing contractor.

Leaks can penetrate at the metal flashings and where the air conditioning duct work meets the roof. Deteriorating roofing membranes may allow the flashing bases to lift and gap and on asphalt and gravel roofs may be difficult to see, let alone diagnosis.

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