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Phoenix Roof Leaks and Mold

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Should You Be Concerned About Mold In Your Home?

Roof Leak Damage

YES! Roof leaks are one of the biggest causes of water damage and mold issues.

A roof leak that is left alone will only get worse. If you notice any water stains of your ceiling, floor and walls, then you have a leak that needs to be identified and repaired. Using infrared a trained infrared roof inspector can locate roof leaks.

Water Damage and Leaky Roofs Phoenix

Mold Growth Can Start As Soon As 24 Hours After a Roof Leak Has Occurred! Mold can often be seen in the form of a discoloration or a stain. When molds are present in large quantities, called colonies, they become a health concern. Some people are sensitive to molds. Exposure to molds can cause symptoms such as nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, or skin irritation and can trigger Asthma episodes. Some people, such as those with serious allergies to molds, may have more severe reactions. Severe reactions may include fever and shortness of breath.

Mold Growth In a Building Is Often Hidden!

Mold From Roof Leaks

You may suspect hidden mold if roof leaks go un addressed or occupants are reporting health issues or there is a musty odor. Mold may be hidden in places such as backside of dry wall, paneling, the topside of ceilings or ceiling tiles, the underside of carpets and pads. Other areas can be behind walls or above ceiling tiles where moisture has occurred or around windows and inside ductwork. There are many places for mold to “hide” and only a trained inspector with the proper equipment can find these hiding places.

Phoenix Roof Inspections

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Monsoon Roof Damage Repairs

A leaky roof is one of the most common challenges faced by property owners. When the roof leaks, a variety of problems can follow, from infestations of mold in walls, and mildew - to damaged foundations. It is important; therefore, for property owners to know how to find and repair those inevitable drips and leaks.

Mold and Health Hazard Remediation

When airborne mold spores large numbers, they can cause allergic reactions, asthma episodes, infections, and other respiratory problems for people. Exposure to high spore levels can cause the development of an allergy to the mold. Mold can also cause structural damage to your home. Similarly, when wood goes through a period of wetting, then drying, it can eventually warp and cause walls to crack or become structurally weak.

Why Is MOLD a Problem Today?

Since the 1970’s when there was a shortage of oil, home construction has changed dramatically. It is now common practice to heavily insulate homes, wrap the exterior with a vapor barrier, and create less ventilation from the outside air. This can cause the potential for mold growth if there is a water event, like a roof leak.

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Roofing Associations Memberships