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Roof Inspections

Do really know what the condition of your tile; shingle or foam roof is in? Are you concerned about the condition of your roof? Many local property owners look to roofing contractors to give them a fair assessment of their roof. Remember, to most roofing contractors, “Every Roof Needs to be Replaced!” Well, not every roofer, but you get the idea.

Roof Certifications For Fountain Hills Buildings

A certified roof inspector (not just any Arizona roofing contractor) can perform a proper roof certification. The certified roof inspector will inspect the condition of your roof and any issues he or she may find. They can report on condition of the roofing material, age of roof, inspects the ridges, caps and drip edges. Certified roof inspectors will inspect flashings, pipes and other penetrations. On tile roofs they will remove field tiles and inspect the felt, look at the batten system and look for tile movement or missing and broken tiles.

If the roof does not require any roof repairs, the certified roof inspector will issue a 2-year Leak Free Roof certification. If the roof requires repairs, after the repairs are made by a licensed roofing contractor, then the 2-year Leak Free Roof Certification will be issued.

Fountain Hills, Arizona

Fountain Hills is rich in history. There is great local history, but the surrounding area is full of colorful stores and legends. From wagon trains, local Yavapai Indian Nation, to military out posts and miners seeking to strike it rich. There are many different styles of homes and commercial buildings in the area, all with unique roof issues. Founded December 15, 1970, when the “worlds tallest fountain” was turned on for the first time in the community’s Fountain Park.

Roofing Associations Memberships
Roofing Associations Memberships